June 2010: ARTEMIS Technology Conference

From 29th until 30th of June 2010, the first ARTEMIS Technology Conference took place in Budapest, Hungary. Initiated by the project SCALOPES, representatives from SCALOPES, SYSMODEL, INDEXYS and CESAR came together to present their most recent project findings. CESAR was showing a live demo of the RTP AVL InMotion Scenario (Stefan Paschke ViF), presented 4 posters and held 4 presentations:


  • CESAR Approach for The Development of Safety Critical Embedded Systems (Bourrouilh Quentin and Kundner Ingrid, AVL)
  • Improved Requirements Engineering for Safety Related Systems (Oertel Markus, OFFIS)
  • A Multi-Views Approach for a Component-Based Architecture Design (Armengaud Eric, ViF)
  • The CESAR Reference Technology Platform (Ritter Tom, Fraunhofer)


A retrospective on the First ARTEMIS Technology Conference can as well be found in the ARTEMIS Magazine No 7 from August 2010.

The CESAR team in Budapest.


June 2010: ARTEMIS-IA Summer Camp

From June 9 to June 10, the ARTEMIS-IA Summer Camp 2010 took place in Rome, Italy. The theme of the event was "Inspiring the Next Step" - defining the strategic roadmap of ARTEMIS. 

Six running ARTEMIS-projects were invited to present their results:


Further information and all presentations can be found under https://www.artemisia-association.org/presentations_2.



May 2010: EUCAR Integrated Safety Program Board Meeting

CESAR was invited to present the project at the EUCAR Integrated Safety Program Board Meeting on 26th of May 2010 in Brussels, Belgium. About 16 projects categorized as "Passive Safety", "Cooperative Safety", "Vehicle Safety", "Field Operational Tests" and "Electric and Electronics" were presented. Thomas Söderqvist from Volvo, CESAR SP5-Leader, was presenting CESAR in the category "Electric and Electronics".

For more information on EUCAR, please visit http://www.eucar.be/.



May 2010: SEE2010

After paper submission to the SEE2010, Silke Gerlach and Uwe Kühne from our partner EADS-DE will hold a presentation on CESAR and the EADS-DE Avionics showcase.

The SEE2010 is a German Speaking Conference, held in Cologne from 3rd until 4th of May 2010. 


March 2010: Embedded World 2010

On 3rd of March 2010, CESAR was present at the Artemis Session at the Embedded World Conference 2010 in Nürnberg, Germany.


Gerhard Griessnig, AVL held a presentation on CESAR. A retrospect on the Embedded World 2010 and information on the Embedded World 2011 can be found under http://www.embedded-world.de/en/



01. May 2013

Visit the CRYSTAL project that further takes the results of CESAR towards standardisation of the...

01. May 2013

Visit the CRYSTAL project that further takes the results of CESAR towards standardisation of the...

30. October 2012
Project finished

The CESAR project is finished.