The list of publications shows an extraction of the publication activities performed by the CESAR consortium and does not claim to be exhaustive.





CESAR Objective Overview


Jolliffe Graham



Integrated Tool Chains for model-based Development of Embedded Systems: The CESAR Approach

Mader Roland, Armengaud Eric, Griessnig Gerhard, Kundner Ingrid

ECMFA 2010 - HoPES Workshop

A common meta-model for the interoperation of tools with heterogeneous data models

Baumgart Andreas

ECMFA 2010 - 3rd Workshop on Model-Driven Tool & Process Integration

Reducing Lifecycle Costs of Industrial Safety Products with CESAR

Wien Tormod, Reichenbach Frank, Carlson Erik, Stahlhane Tor

ETFA 2010 Safety Critical Systems Special Session

Improving Methods and Processes for the Development of Safety-Critical Automotive Embedded Systems

Krammer Martin, Nadja Marko, Armengaud Eric, Geyer Dirk, Griessnig Gerhard

ETFA 2010 Safety Critical Systems Special Session

A Model-Based Design Methodology with Contracts to Enhance the Development Process of Safety-Critical Systems

Baumgart Andreas, Reinkemeier Philipp, Rettberg Achim, Stierand Ingo, Thaden Eike, Weber Raphael

SEUS 2010

Supporting Qualification - Safety Standard Compliant Process Planning and Monitoring

Jost Henning, Hahn Axel, Häusler Stefan, Köhler Silke, Gacnik Jan, Koester Frank, Lemmer Karsten

2010 IEEE Symposium on Product Compliance Engineering

Multi-domain comparison of safety standards

Baufreton P., Blanquart JP., Boulanger JL., Delseny H., Derrien JC., Gassino J., Ladier G., Ledinot E., Leeman M., Quéré P., Ricque B.


Model-Based Tailoring of Integrated Tool Chains for Embedded System Development

Mader Roland, Griessnig Gerhard, Armengaud Eric, Hein Christian, Steger Christian, Weiss,Reinhold

Models 2010

Model-based Toolchain for the Efficient Development of safety-relevant Automotive Embedded Systems

Armengaud Eric, Zoier Markus, Chen Dejiu, Biehl Matthias, Hein Christian, Ritter Tom, Baumgart Andreas,  Griessnig Gerhard, Kolagari Ramin Tavakoli

SAE World Congress

CESAR: Cost-Efficient Methods and Processes for Safety Relevant Embedded Systems

Griessnig Gerhard, Mader Roland, Peikenkamp Thomas, Josko Bernhard, Törngren Martin, Armengaud Eric

Embedded World 2010 - ARTEMIS Session

Towards cross-domains model-based safety process, methods and tools for critical embedded systems: The CESAR approach

Blanquart Jean-Paul, Armengaud Eric, Baufreton Philippe, Bourrouilh Quentin, Griessnig Gerhard, Krammer Martin, Laurent Odile, Machrouh Joseph, Peikenkamp Thomas, Schindler Cecile, Wien Tormod


Improvement of Processes and Methods in the Testing Activities for Safety-Critical Embedded Systems

Bonifacio Giuseppe, Marmo Pietro, Orazzo Antonio, Petrone Ida, Velardi Luigi, Venticinque Alessio


Improving Automotive Embedded Systems Engineering at European Level

Griessnig Gerhard, Kundner Ingrid, Armengaud Eric, Torchiaro Sandra, Karlsson Daniel

E+I Journal Publication 2011

DODT: Increasing Requirements Formalism using Domain Ontologies for Improved Embedded Systems Development

Farfeleder Stefan, Moser Thomas, Krall Andreas, Stalhane Tor, Zojer Herbert, Panis Christian

DDECS 2011

Automatic Derivation of Components Using Choreographies - A Case Study

Kthayat Surya Bahadur, Le Hien Nam, Braek Rolv

SE 2010