CESAR Deliverables

In order to meet the very high quality standard of the CESAR Project, the CESAR management installed a review process in which the CESAR deliverables undergo a two level review management.

In the first level, the deliverable is checked internally from members of the subproject. The second level review is conducted by the subprojects involved in the utilization of the deliverable.

Only after successfully completing this revision, the deliverable is sent to ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking for acceptance.


All accepted deliverables are listed in their respective subprojects. In the case of questions on deliverables or their availability, please contact cesar@avl.com.

Deliverables that are labeled as for public access (PU) are accessible for download in the relevant subproject section. Deliverables that are labeled as for public restricted (PR) may be accessible for research purpose under the process 4 exchange.