October 2011: ARTEMIS & ITEA Co-Summit 2011


This year's ARTEMIS and ITEA Co-Summit took place from October 25th until October 26th in Helsinki, Finland.

This year, CESAR was showing a live demonstration of one of the CESAR demonstrators: the ANSALDO use case. Supporting test case visualization was provided by a model railway set up by AVL. This set-up of real live demonstration and visualization gained high attention and we would like to thank all colleagues involved, especially Salvatore de Martino from ANSALDO and Markus Krallinger from AVL for preparing and presenting this work.


The CESAR work towards interoperability specification plus involving furhter research projects going in a similar direction of a possible future standard on interoperability was another topic that gained high attention. It was accompanied by the presentation of our process 4 exchange (see 6th CESAR Newsletter) that was appreciated by project coordinators of various projects as well as by ARTEMIS-(IA).


The two days of project exhibition at the ARTEMIS & ITEA Co-Summit led to many interesting discussions and we would like to thank all persons involved in its preparation.


May 2011: EUCAR Integrated Safety Program Board Meeting


The 2011 EUCAR Integrated Safety Program Board Meeting took place on 26th of May 2011 in Brussels. Dr. Josef Affenzeller, CESAR Coordinator from AVL, took place at this meeting and presented CESAR and the most current results. A special focus was set on how CESAR can influence upcoming R&D projects and which of the CESAR results might be most relevant for these.




May 2011: SafeTRANS Industrial Day


The SafeTrans Industrial Day took place on 17th of May 2011 in Berlin. The topic "Reference Technology Platforms for the development of safety critical embedded systems" called for a strong CESAR participation.

Many CESAR partners therefore were speaking and exhibiting at this event. So there was participation by EADS-IW, BTC, AVL, SIA, OFFIS and Fraunhofer FOKUS. More information on the past SafeTrans Industrial Day and further SafeTrans event can be found under: http://www.safetrans-de.org/



April 2011: SAE World Congress 2011


CESAR has been present at the SAE World Congress 2011 in Detroit, USA. The CESAR paper that was accepted and presented is called "Model-based Toolchain for the Efficient Development of safety-relevant Automotive Embedded Systems" and has been created in cooperation of partners from ViF, KTH, Fraunhofer FOKUS, OFFIS, AVL and Volvo.




March 2011: embedded world 2011


From 1st to 3rd of March, the "Embedded World" Exhibition and Conference took place in N├╝rnberg, Germany. This event has regrouped more than 800 exhibitors and 18.000 visitors from more than 30 countries. The CESAR project, together with Artemis and the projects pShield and eSonia, was represented at a booth.

The "Embedded World" Exhibition was co-located with the Artemis Spring Event 2011. This conjoint organization was the opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas with CESAR and Artemis members, as well as with other experts from the embedded systems community.

Live presentations of the CESAR RTP demonstrator "automotive test management" have provided a solid technological basis to discuss results achieved so far and to make the CESAR project more concrete to the audience.



01. May 2013

Visit the CRYSTAL project that further takes the results of CESAR towards standardisation of the...

01. May 2013

Visit the CRYSTAL project that further takes the results of CESAR towards standardisation of the...

30. October 2012
Project finished

The CESAR project is finished.